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Stable Baselines Tutorial

Reinforcement Learning Made Easy

Ashley HILL
Edward Beeching
Antonin RAFFIN
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Examples of Reinforcement Learning for Robotics

Learning Agile and Dynamic Motor Skills for Legged Robots (1)
Dexterous Manipulation
Learning to toss
Learning to Drive in Minutes
Wave RL
Deep Mimic

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RL Algos

Active Community

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Github repo: https://github.com/araffin/rl-tutorial-jnrr19

  1. Getting Started Colab Notebook
  2. Gym Wrappers, saving and loading models Colab Notebook
  3. Multiprocessing Colab Notebook
  4. Callbacks and hyperparameter tuning Colab Notebook
  5. Creating a custom gym environment Colab Notebook

à vous de jouer!


Source: Deep Mimic (Jason Peng)

Branches of Machine Learning


Source: Outsider Tour RL by Ben Recht

Many Face of RL


Source: David Silver Course

RL 101


Source: Lilian Weng blog


Credit: L.M Tenkes


Reinforcement Learning Classical Control
State $s_t$ $x_t$
Action $a_t$ $u_t$
Reward $r_t$ $-c_t$

Main Components of an RL algo

An RL algo may include one or more of these components:

  • Policy: agent's behavior function ($a_t = \pi(s_t)$)
  • Value function: how good is each state and/or action ($V(s_t)$ or $Q(s_t, a_t)$)
  • Model: agent's representation of the environment ($s_{t+1} = f(s_t, a_t)$ or $r_{t+1} = g(s_t, a_t)$)

Model Free vs Model Based

  • Model Free: No explicit representation of the environment
  • Model Based: Rely on a the model of the environment
    • known, given to the agent (ex: Chess)
    • learned explicitly (from scratch, parameter identification)

Model Based RL

Model based RL

Source: BAIR blog

On-Policy vs Off-policy

  • On-Policy: The trajectories must be generated by the most recent policy
  • Off-Policy: The trajectories can be collected by any behavior policy

Model Free RL Landscape

Model free RL landscape

Exploration vs Exploitation Trade-Off (1)

Exploration: Try a new beer

Exploitation: Drink your favorite beer

Exploration vs Exploitation Trade-Off (2)

Exploration: gather more information about the environment

Exploitation: use the best known strategy to maximize reward

Common Assumptions

Markov: the current state depends only on the previous step, not the complete history

Fully Observable: agent directly observe the environment state ($o_t = s_t$) Ex: Chess vs Poker


  • RL 101: state, action, reward
  • Policy, value function, model
  • Model free vs model based
  • On-policy vs off-policy
  • Model free landscape
  • Exploration vs exploitation
  • Common assumptions

Current Challenges of RL

  • Sample efficiency (millions of samples required)
  • Reward engineering ("RewArt")
  • Stability and reproducibility (improving)
  • Jittering (action noise and oscillations)

Topics not covered

  • Objective function (discounted and undiscounted return)
  • Credit assignment problem
  • Bias/variance trade-off
  • Modern tricks (replay buffer, ...)
  • How to explore ($\epsilon$-greedy, parameter space, ...)
  • Successes in simulation/games (Mujoco, Atari, Go, Dota2, Starcraft)
  • https://www.argmin.net/2018/06/25/outsider-rl/
  • http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/d.silver/web/Teaching.html
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLRpWDzTRLlQn7lMRwvK8Hg/videos
  • http://pages.isir.upmc.fr/~sigaud/teach/
  • https://spinningup.openai.com/en/latest/
  • http://rail.eecs.berkeley.edu/deeprlcourse/
  • https://lilianweng.github.io/lil-log/2018/02/19/a-long-peek-into-reinforcement-learning.html
  • https://sites.google.com/view/deep-rl-bootcamp/lectures
  • http://louiskirsch.com/maps/reinforcement-learning
RL Zoo: A collection of 120+ trained RL agents
  1. Provide a simple interface to train and enjoy RL agents
  2. Benchmark the different Reinforcement Learning algorithms
  3. Provide tuned hyperparameters for each environment and RL algorithm
  4. Have fun with the trained agents!


RL Zoo: Training
			 							env_wrapper: utils.wrappers.TimeFeatureWrapper
			 							n_timesteps: !!float 2e6
			 							policy: 'MlpPolicy'
			 							gamma: 0.99
			 							buffer_size: 1000000
			 							noise_type: 'normal'
			 							noise_std: 0.1
			 							learning_starts: 10000
			 							batch_size: 100
			 							learning_rate: !!float 1e-3
			 							train_freq: 1000
			 							gradient_steps: 1000
			 							policy_kwargs: 'dict(layers=[400, 300])'
			 						python train.py --algo td3 --env HalfCheetahBulletEnv-v0
			 						python enjoy.py --algo td3 --env HalfCheetahBulletEnv-v0
			 						python -m utils.record_video --algo td3 --env HalfCheetahBulletEnv-v0 -n 1000
RL Zoo: Hyperparameter Optimization


  • Easy to setup
  • Clean API
  • Good documentation
  • TPE, GP, CMAES, median pruner, ...
			 					python train.py --algo ppo2 --env MountainCar-v0 \
			 					--optimize --n-trials 1000 --n-jobs 2 \
			 					--sampler tpe --pruner median