Recent & Upcoming Talks


DQN Tutorial

From tabular Q-learning to Deep Q-Network (DQN)


Training RL agents directly on real robots

Presentation on applying Reinforcement Learning directly on real robots

Tutorial: Tools for Robotic Reinforcement Learning

Hands-on RL for Robotics with EAGERx and Stable-Baselines3


Learning to Race in Hours with Reinforcement Learning

Talk for the DonkeyCar community about learning to race in hours using reinforcement learning.

RL Tips and Tricks / The Challenges of Applying RL to Real Robots

Talk at the reinforcement learning virtual school on applying RL in practice and hands-on session with Stable-Baselines3.


RL Tutorial on Stable Baselines

Beginner tutorial on Stable Baselines library with colab notebooks

SRL - Stable Baselines Presentation

A talk about SRL, lessons learned from building Stable Baselines and short tutorial on how to use it