Recent & Upcoming Talks


Designing and Running Real-World RL Experiments

Talk at the Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Accelerators workshop (RL4AA). The idea is to walk through the different steps of RL experimentation (task design, choosing the right algorithm, implementing safety layers) and also provide practical advice on how to run experiments and troubleshoot common problems.


Practical Tips for Reliable Reinforcement Learning

Talk at the CDC 2023 Workshop on Benchmarking, Reproducibility, and Open-Source Code in Controls, about the lessons learned while developping Stable-Baselines3 to have reliable implementations and reproducible experiments.

DQN Tutorial

From tabular Q-learning to Deep Q-Network (DQN)


Training RL agents directly on real robots

Presentation on applying Reinforcement Learning directly on real robots

Tutorial: Tools for Robotic Reinforcement Learning

Hands-on RL for Robotics with EAGERx and Stable-Baselines3


Learning to Race in Hours with Reinforcement Learning

Talk for the DonkeyCar community about learning to race in hours using reinforcement learning.

RL Tips and Tricks / The Challenges of Applying RL to Real Robots

Talk at the reinforcement learning virtual school on applying RL in practice and hands-on session with Stable-Baselines3.


RL Tutorial on Stable Baselines

Beginner tutorial on Stable Baselines library with colab notebooks

SRL - Stable Baselines Presentation

A talk about SRL, lessons learned from building Stable Baselines and short tutorial on how to use it